A New Kind of Stun Gun

Jaguar Imports has unveiled the Matrix Stun Gun, a new kind of stun gun, which the company holds an exclusive patent on. It’s manufactured with a special grip so an assailant cannot take it away from the user without great difficulty. It has a design advanatge over other types of stun guns, in that there is a small hole in the middle that allows it to be held more securely. There’s a trigger located right inside the hole, so that while if someone were to try to take it away, the user can press it to activate the gun.

“We are the manufacturer, and the patent holder,” explains Jaguar owner Babar Nawaz. “We are the exclusive seller of the item. With a lot of other stun guns, people are afraid someone will take it away from them, and use it on them. So that’s why we came up with a design so people can hold it more firmly in their hand while they’re using it, so that the other person cannot take it away. We came up with the idea for it to have a hole in the middle, so you can’t really get it away from the other person easily.”

The Matrix Stun Gun has quickly become one of Jaguar Imports’ best-sellers, and in fact the company has been selling out of it. People definitely like the item, and find it to be an improvement over previous stun gun models. Jaguar is currently selling them at a wholesale price of $24.99. Retail is around $49.99, and Nawaz feels most retailers can get at least double the wholesale price for the item without a problem. The minimum order amount is $100. The Matrix Stun Gun comes with a holster, which can be clipped right on to the belt.

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