Greeting Cards Made in the USA

Offering greeting cards can be a great method of growing traffic and raising profits. Sales in the United States alone amount to over 7 billion dollars each year, with discount cards becoming the fastest growing segment. It is a recession-proof product, and one way to reap the benefits would be to do business with a supplier such as Stockwell Greetings, which has two decades of experience in the market.

One of the world’s top providers of high quality greeting cards at the best prices, Stockwell Greetings is the creator and producer of the cards themselves, with each card manufactured right here in the U.S. From the art and writing stage to the paper and printing selection, the company is focused on providing independent retailers with some of the most beautiful and best-selling cards around. With staff and technology to handle a wide variety of product requirements, Stockwell is capable of customizing card departments to fit the need of any store. Best of all, the wholesale price ranges from 18 to 23 cents per card, with free freight. Minimum order is just $50, and the cards are marked for retail at between $2.25 and $5 each. Displays are available through the company website.

Whether you’re looking for just a little to fill a pre-existing program, or want to use Stockwell as an exclusive supplier, the company is able to meet your needs. Stockwell Greetings’ customized departments start at 4′ (including 96 designs), and can go all the way to 52′ (1,248 designs). The easy reorder system means speedy delivery, which means no empty card pockets on the shelves.

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