Redesigns Webstore

Small and medium sized retailers will now be able to design, build and manage their own ecommerce businesses using’s technology. The massive online retailer recently launched a new version of its Amazon Webstore. Included in the changes are a redesigning and simplification of the registration process. “By leveraging Amazon’s technology and infrastructure, Amazon WebStore levels the playing field for small and medium sized businesses, helping them quickly and easily build their businesses and improve the customer experience,” said the director of the Webstore, Scott Pulsipher.

The launch technology has also been redesigned, presumably making it easier for new retail partners to get started. Amazon has also created a unified interface for managing product, inventory, customer and order data across multiple channels. The cost of the new service runs from 0.7 percent of sales to $9.99 per month. Fraud protection and payment processing fees start at 1.9 percent of sales, plus 30 cents from every transaction.
“When we launched our new Amazon Webstore, we saw an immediate lift of 40 percent in revenue and average order size,” said Cal Crouch, director of ecommerce for Timex, one of the first companies to try the new platform.

“And on the support side, we have gained the flexibility to make most changes to content, as well as brand ourselves, saving us thousands in development costs.” For more information, visit