Vent Clipps from Car-Freshner

Vent clipsFrom Car-Freshner Corporation, the company behind the classic, instantly recognizable, “Little Trees,” comes something new: Vent Clipps. The idea originated with the desire to provide a discreet vent air freshening product for the car. A vent is a great place to put a freshener, with the airflow coming through the vents helping to move the fragrance throughout the car. Small and unobtrusive, Vent Clipps can be put in the vents inside the car, resulting in a very nice fragrance, without passengers even knowing where it’s coming from.

Vent Clipps are an alternative to hanging air fresheners, as well as under seat air fresheners, pumps, or any of the other various delivery systems. While there are millions of people who love the Little Trees and continue to want them, there are also other consumers that might not want to hang something. The idea is to give those consumers the Little Tree quality, but in a product that goes discreetly into their vent.

Vent Clipps are a fairly new item for Car-Freshner, but so far the response has been very positive. Emblazoned with the established Little Tree logo so the brand is identified, Vent Clipps come in a series of scents, including cherry, mountain waterfall, peaches and cream, new car and more. They are translucent, coming in such colors as green, orange, blue, red and yellow.

Suggested retail is $2.49 to $2.99. Car-Freshner also offers a variety of counter displays that the products fit into, as well as side wings, floor displays and other configurations suiting all different store needs.

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