The Value of Email Marketing

There is currently a shift happening in the way companies view email as a tool for merchandise marketing campaigns. Fast, responsive and measurable, email marketing allows for the same targeting at a significantly lower cost than using traditional mail. Email encourages quick response, and helps build loyalty and trust in a brand. Buyers also appreciate how it allows them some control over the frequency and content.

As with any kind of marketing, targeting the right people at the right time is essential, and email makes it easier to strategize and customize. With the amount of time people often spend at their computers, it makes sense to use email as a key element in maintaining brand awareness, as well. Email can also be used as a way of reinforcing a direct mail promotion.

One of the downsides of email marketing is that the cost of the average email list is often much higher than that of a postal list. Nevertheless, the cost of paper and postage can sometimes cancel that out, and some savvy list owners will drastically lower their prices in order to encourage hesitant marketers. In addition, the type of offer, time of year, and nature of the list can all be contributing factors.

For traditional direct marketers testing the waters, it’s important to set realistic expectations. Response numbers may be less than impressive at first, but can grow dramatically as email becomes a larger component of marketing initiatives. With the continued adoption of green practices, the paper-saving approach of email marketing will also become more and more appealing.