Edible Puff Pop Pipe

In the case of the Puff Pop, a new edible candy that’s also a functional smoking pipe, Smokeclear Inc. of Newark, New Jersey was able to take an already existing product, make some needed improvements, and turn it into something better. The original product was being carried in Smokeclear’s retail locations when problems soon became apparent. “Our main concern became coming up with an edible pipe that was user friendly, with realistic packaging, and with a fun, general marketing approach,” says Leslie McKenna of Smokeclear. “That’s how we came up with the Puff Pop. It’s just a lollipop. The stick itself is not edible like the other one that was on the market. It’s a clear tube that attaches to the candy bowl, which has a hole in the center. So the only part that your mouth goes on is the same part that it would if you were eating a regular lollipop.”

As part of the improvements to the original product, the Puff Pop has a completely different design. It looks nothing like the original, and aside from the actual concept of an edible pipe, they’re not similar in any way, down to the type of candy that’s used. The Puff Pop doesn’t tend to crack easily and it doesn’t melt, whereas those problems did exist with the original. It also comes in five flavors: grape, lemon/lime, green apple, blueberry cola and strawberry. “The good thing about the Puff Pop is that the marketing on it is so general that you could potentially see it in all different places, from a convenience store, to your everyday smoke shop,” says McKenna.

Puff Pops come in 15 count jars, which are airtight and resealable. The 15 pops are individually wrapped, from the tip of the stick to the top of the bowl, so every part of it is sealed for freshness and sanitation. The jars sell for a wholesale price of $30 each, which breaks down to $2 per item, and retail from $4 to $8. Cases contain 24 jars each, with the wholesale price dropping as low as $1 per pop, for purchases of that size and higher.

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