Personal Oxygen Bar

The O2-B Personal Oxygen Bar from O2 Innovations provides the highest amount of oxygen you can receive without a prescription. This personal oxygen concentrator can be used in the home, office, the gym, or anywhere there is a standard electrical outlet. It features a state of the art headset, and can deliver all natural custom blended aromatherapy, made specifically for the unit. The high concentration means it also lasts a very long time.

“We have seven new aromatherapies, and we are introducing four new ones for people to choose from, to see which ones they like,” says O2 Innovations owner, Maryrose Snopkowski. “The unit also comes with five nose hoses, for people who prefer to use the oxygen bar without the aromatherapy. There’s no maintenance to the unit. It has one filter that needs to be replaced every nine to twelve months, and it comes with an extra one. The other filters in the unit are basically for catching dust and other debris from the surrounding air, and those can be vacuumed off or washed with soap and water. There’s no water, no tanks, and no refilling. So it’s basically just plug and play.”

There are so many benefits to oxygen. In testimonials on the company website, people describe how it has helped everything from their muscle pain, to headache, to hangovers. In general, it is helping people feel energized, relaxed and rejuvenated. It helps before, during and after exercise, and also benefits people who live in higher altitudes. “I’m going to Denver this weekend, so I’m going to see how it actually works there,” says Snopkowski. “I’m very excited to see that. It also benefits people who live in cities with not so clean air, even in an office setting, if there are no windows. You’re in that cubicle eight hours a day and the air is not so great. I personally use it a lot when I travel.”

The wholesale price is $389, and that includes all the accessories that come with the kit. To become a dealer, retailers need to purchase three units up front. There is also an affiliate program offered, with each affiliate getting a 25 percent commission from any sale made by clicking their link. The suggested retail price is $629, and O2 Innovations even offers customized marketing materials at a wholesale price.

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