Rotating MOVA Globe

MOVA GlobeThe amazing MOVA Globe is a truly one of a kind item that’s powered by solar energy and the earth’s magnetism, so that no batteries or wires are required. The globe is activated by light, and when you flip your lights on, it “wakes up” and starts to turn. When you turn the lights off in the evening, the globe, “goes to sleep.” The solar panels are hidden behind the graphics, inside the interior globe, with enough light penetrating the globe graphics to power the motor.

This innovative technology was developed by physicist, Bill French, of southern California. He was with Kodak Corporation at the time, in a division in San Diego called, Spin Physics. This division specialized in magnetic and solar technologies, which inspired French’s invention. He had this vision of the earth spinning in space, and he wanted to recreate that,” says Andy Lindgren of TurtleTech Design, the company that sells the globe. “So he used some of what he learned in the way of solar technologies and magnetic technologies, to come up with a way to have the earth basically turning in the palm of your hand. You can pick the globe up and it will continue to spin as you’re holding it.”

TurtleTech holds patents on a number of technologies used in the design of the MOVA Globe. It’s ultra-low power motor runs on about 3-millionths of a watt of electricity. The design is almost friction free, so it doesn’t take much to turn the globe. The other interesting part of the technology is the use of the earth’s magnetic field as a source of counter torque. The motor needs something to push against to get the globe to start turning and to keep turning, so it uses the earth’s magnetic field for that purpose, much like the way a compass needle is moved.

Suggested retail for MOVA Globe is $135 to $155, with wholesale prices ranging from $68 to $78. Quantity discounts on case orders (eight to a case) lower the wholesale price to $64 per unit.

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