Keychain Breathalyzer Makes Great Convenience Store Impulse Buy

All Fun Gifts, a novelty wholesale company, is introducing a new keychain breathalyzer that sales manager Joe Renard says is a great fit as an impulse buy at independent retail stores. “It’s an item that we’re really pushing towards convenience stores, flea markets, and truck stops,” he says.

The company is offering two skus, one slightly more feature-rich than the other. Renard emphasizes that these are gadgets with a high entertainment value. “Both of the products are intended to be used as a novelty item,” he says.

The product works by detecting alcohol when one breathes into it. “One version is just a simple red light, yellow light, green light system,” he says. “The second version is a little more expensive. It has a digital timer that counts down until the time at which you should be safe to drive. When it hits zero, you blow again. And it has an LED flashlight.”

Renard explains the functioning of the breathalyzers: “They are relatively accurate. The intention is for somebody who has a question about whether they might be at an illegal level for driving, to blow into it, and it gives you an idea of the range of your blood alcohol content. If the item measures your blood alcohol content as .03 or lower, it gives you a green light. If you are .05, it gives you a yellow light. If you’re at .08 or higher, it gives you a red light.”

Although the company has been selling the product for only about a month, sales are brisk. “This is a new product that we’ve really just come out with. Our sales have gone up on this item about 1,000 percent,” he says. “We’re really starting from zero. We had it out in the market, testing in retail stores. We were selling 200 to 300 per month. We’ll probably sell about 30,000 units this month.”

Although Renard would not disclose his wholesale pricing, he says that All Fun Gifts suggests a retail price for the simpler version at $9.99, and for the flashlight variety, about $11.99.

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