A Light In The Night

Combining the soft feel of a child’s stuffed animal with a warm glow to fight nighttime fears, Creatively Classic’s new, “A Light in the Night,” product is a book, a plush, and nightlight all in one. According to managing partner, Chanda Bell, “This is a product that really does relate to every child at some point, in some stage in their life.” It is intended to help kids understand that there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark.

It is also an opportunity for retailers, says Bell. “Made by a mom, this is a special product with a special story. Store owners will benefit from carrying something new and different. This does not exist. It provides children with comfort, and becomes a conversation piece as well. It’s easy for our stores to display, which is important to us, and is very useable and functional,” says Bell. “The cash register is a great place to display the products, because you can tell people about it.” The packaging lets customers touch the toy, and comes with a book in the base that tells the story of the glowing creature that protects kids.

“With plush products, you want to touch them,” Bell explains. “We love our stores, and we want everything to come together for them to display A Light in the Night.” It comes in bubble gum pink, mint green, and ice blue. The minimum order is six, two of each color. Wholesale pricing is $17.50 per unit, with a suggested retail of $34.95. Retailers carrying the product are listed on the company website.

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