Chill Clock Rings Up Big Sales

Chill ClockIt’s only been on the market since late June, but Chill Clock, a new LED-lighted alarm clock, is ringing up big sales. The clock silently flashes colored lights around its perimeter when the alarm goes off. Inventor and company owner, Chris Eannucci, came up with the idea for the product while asleep. “It came to me in a dream,” he says. “One night I dreamt that this clock lit up on a wall at a party. I scribbled on my journal next to me when I woke up, and I made a prototype the next day in my garage.”

You can also set it to leave the lights on all the time. “Some people use it like a neon sign,” says Eannucci. “It makes its own display. If you plug it in and turn the lights on, it really sells itself.” He emphasizes the success it has had at retail so far. “We’re not in a ton of stores yet, but every store we’re in, I’ve gotten positive feedback and reorders from about 40 percent.”

Eannucci says that the clock is ideal for a younger demographic. “I do think there’s a market for it in those places that tend to have a youthful edge. I don’t see how these would not sell,” he says. “They are such an easy sale, there is zero competition, and nobody has any product like this.” The company offers volume discounts for as few as ten units, and registered retailer customers can shop wholesale on the company’s site.

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