Color Changing Fun Bands

Fun BandsThe latest kids’ craze is getting crazier, with the introduction of Color Flame King’s new Sun Activated Color Changing Fun Bands. According to company owner, Jaime Anast, his new product is going to keep the fad from fading. “We’re keeping this fad going a little bit longer, because they are selling like crazy,” he says. “We have to kind of change it up, keep it going another four or five months.”

His company is changing it up with a version of the product that changes color in sunlight. “It’s been nuts,” he says. “There are so many generic ones on the street, ones that smell different, glow in the dark, tie dye ones, even glitter ones. But nobody’s made one that turns colors with the reaction of the UV rays in the sun. We’re going to be the first to market. We sold over 2 million, maybe 3 million of the regular ones, and we’re definitely planning to do the same with these, if not more.” The bands are translucent to white in the shade, then brighten in the sun. As Anast describes the product, “It looks like a see-through pasta, and then you take it outside, and you can actually see the band morphing into these colors. And then you take them back inside, and they turn back white.”

The product is shipping in two skus: The first is in texting, robots, reptiles, and mystical themes; the other is in monkeys, love, space, and patriotic. The minimum order is three counter displays (at 48 packs per display) that can be dropshipped anywhere in the United States. The wholesale price per pack is $1.50 for the counter displays, and $1.60 for the floor displays, which are ten cents more because of the costs that go into making the floor display.

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