Cornerstone Creations: Helping Through Wholesale

Paul and Linda Cahill got into the business of selling wholesale jewelry for a higher cause than simply enriching their own bank accounts. Rather, they started up Cornerstone Creations last year as a way of enriching the lives of those less fortunate, and so far the company has helped them do just that. Both ordained ministers, Paul and Linda started Cahill Ministries more than 30 years ago, and use Cornerstone Creations as a way of funding their humanitarian efforts in 22 countries around the world, as well as low income communities in the United States.

In addition to being a church, Cahill Ministries has an extensive outreach program, which locally takes the form of a food bank. In the past year, the food bank distributed over six million pounds of food to nonprofit agencies to give to those in need. The Cahills work with more than 300 nonprofit agencies in this effort. “We have built 129 wells and churches in India, where there’s absolutely no clean water,” says Linda Cahill. “The people have to go where the buffalo and all the animals go, and they drink from that water, and bathe from it and cook from it. So we provide the funds so that they can build wells. We also build wells in Mozambique, Africa.

Cornerstone Creations is a major part of that. A portion of our sales goes directly into our ministry to take care of those things. In Myanmar right now, they have the water, but they need purifiers. And so we work with them and supply water purifiers. I just got through writing a check for $1,000 to buy 20 more water purifiers. In Mexico, on the Pacific side, we have a Cahill Ministries medical clinic there. There’s just so much that we’ve done, and gone to many countries when the Lord leads us, and so Cornerstone is helping this happen.”

After graduating Bible college together in Lakeland, FL years ago, the Cahills originally had a business that was called Cornerstone Marketing. But they closed the business after opening the church; time was limited, and their new ministry came first. But last year, some people within the church started inquiring about reopening the business, even offering to do a lot of the legwork to make it possible. That’s how Cornerstone Creations recently came into being. “If you go on our site, where it says Custom Designs, we have stuff that nobody else has, because they’re from my head,” says Linda of the jewelry she designs herself. “I create every single day. I am always creating something new. And we’re doing well with it. We know God honors it, because of what we do with all the profits. Every single time I put a check in, I take a bunch of profits and it goes right into the ministry to help what we’re doing. In everything that we do, Cornerstone Creations and Cahill Ministries are intertwined.”

Paul and Linda were first ordained on the same day in 1984, but were ministering even before that. It’s a unique ministry, with both of them doing the preaching from twin pulpits in their church. It all goes back to a very rough patch in both their lives, which led directly to the path they’re currently on. “Thirty years ago, my wife and I were ready to get divorced,” explains Paul Cahill. “I was an alcoholic and involved in drugs, and a convicted felon. God turned my life around when this couple on their anniversary night shared the love of Jesus Christ. That night my life changed. That’s the whole bottom line in a nutshell of why we do it. It helps us do what we need to do to get other peoples’ lives changed.”

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