Med Memory Keeps Health Info Available

Mad MemoryAs debates on the future of health care become a staple of our private conversations and public discourse, Med Memory is offering a product for the times. The company sells USB medical information storage devices that can be carried simply as a card, key chain, or pill box. According to vice president of sales, Bernard Senita, this product takes the traditional medical alert bracelet and brings it into the future. “MedMemory is a management tool for a person’s entire medical, health, and lifestyle records, held on one portable device,” he says. “It is the next advancement over the medical ID bracelet.”

There is not enough room on a bracelet to give all the information that’s on a modern medical profile. The Med Memory products can store glucose measurements, cholesterol readings, blood pressure readings, weight, X-rays, CT scans, MRs, PETs, EKGs and ultrasounds, among others. Senita describes the product’s concept simply: “To provide people with an easy to use method of storing their medical history.”

This broad range of uses can extend to many other crucial pieces of data; insurance info, kids’ vaccination records, and more. The product comes with templates that customers can use to organize their medical info, including a living will, an advance directive, and medical releases.

A starter kit contains three of each device. “It makes a nice little product to have right there at the cash register,” says Senita. Wholesale prices range from $13 to $20, depending on the model. While the company does sell retail over the Web, he says, “We set the prices on the website artificially high, so that independent retailers get most of the business.” The company suggests retail prices that are $10 to $15 below the prices on the site.

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