Recycle-A-FlaskLooking for a way to carry your potables, potent and otherwise, in a lightweight, recyclable container? The new plastic Recycle-A-Flask offers purchasers a way to bring a drink with them without tipping the scales, or the metal detector. According to Recycle-A-Flask president, Jarred Shiffman, “It’s not just for alcoholic beverages. This flask can be used by hikers who want something lightweight for an energy drink, or bicyclists who go long distances. If they want to discard the container afterwards, with such a low retail price, say $1.99, they can just throw it away and not have to carry it. The product is recyclable, and people can just buy another one when they are ready to go out again.”

Shiffman suggests that the product is a perfect fit for today’s consumer. “A recyclable flask seems to be something that is very contemporary and right for the times,” he says, and it has taken off strongly. “We created Recycle-A-Flask a year ago, and started selling last November. It was an immediate success and caught the attention of all ages. People can bring the flask to sporting events or concerts. People pick up on that immediately,” says Shiffman. He has been surprised at the flask’s reception. “It’s been unbelievable. This item is getting bigger and bigger. We’re spreading to the East Coast, and we’re doing really well.” The suggested retail is $1.99. Wholesale pricing depends on volume, typically starting at $1 per flask.

Shiffman is enthusiastic about the retail potential. “It’s so amazing,” he says. “We get reorders from 7-Elevens and minimarts. Nobody goes into a 7-Eleven store and asks to buy a flask. It’s a point of purchase, emotional item. If you go up to the register with a low price, this flask is something that will capture your attention.”

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