New Electronic Option Gives Smokers a Choice

Premium E-CigsPremium Electronic Cigarette offers retailers a compelling source for smoking alternative products. And in addition, a combination of factors makes this wholesaler and manufacturer a go-to business partner, including low prices, free same day or next day shipping on all products, worldwide shipping, and affiliate programs.

The company’s latest product is newly designed and optimized for sale by independent retailers. It’s a Pocket Kit version of the company’s best selling PR110 electronic cegarette product. The PR110 is a full starter kit that comes with two rechargeable batteries, six refill cartridges, USB charger, and AC adapter. “You’re able to recharge the batteries either on your PC or just plug it into a regular wall outlet,” says marketing director, Vitali Servutas. “The pocket kit is new,” he says. “It has only one battery, two cartridges, and a USB charger. But it comes in a carrying case.”

The full PR110 sells at wholesale for under $30, and retails for $70 to $100. The Pocket Kit sells for under $20 wholesale, and sells at retail in the $45 to $60 range. There is an option for free shipping as well. There are faxable forms and electronic online forms for wholesale orders on the company’s website.

“We specialize in the newer technology,” says Servutas, especially a two-part product. “It consists of the rechargeable battery and the cartridge,” he explains. One of the tactical strengths of the company is the wide range of designs it offers. “We’re one of the companies that gives the most variety to the consumer out of all the suppliers out there. We offer eight different color batteries and 20 different flavors of refill cartridges,” Servutas says. “For the pocket kits, we offer ten different colors of carrying cases.” And the company keeps innovating. “We recently launched a brand new line with custom designed batteries, improved finishes, and 20 patterns. We hope to get that to 50 patterns. No one out there has done that.”

Premium Electronic Cigarette opened its doors in December 2008. Since then, it has risen to become one of the three top players in the industry, according to Servutas. The company sources product from the maker and also produces some items independently. “We actually purchase from the manufacturer, but we do some things on our own. We do create a product as well.” The company offers a wide range of reasons to prefer its product. A big one is saving money, given the high taxes and high cost for traditional smoking products. The electronic version does not harm one’s appearance and lacks a wide range of unhealthy chemicals. It can be used where traditional smoking is not allowed, since it produces no odor. Premium Electronic Cigarette also touts the product’s effectiveness in helping people reduce or quit smoking. It is not intended for kids or non-smokers, however.

The company pursues a range of marketing strategies to get its message out: magazine ads, videos, and more. “We’re putting a lot of funding into marketing,” says Servutas. “We do Internet advertising; it’s just part of branding. We do a lot of that.” He also mentioned the importance of interactive websites. “We are posted on a lot of review boards for electronic cigarettes, and we’re always ranked in the top three.” The company is also on Twitter, at premiumecig, and casts a wide net, selling to consumers through the website. “Everything that we sell online ships from the warehouse. And besides that, we just strictly cater to wholesalers and distributors.” The company offers an affiliate program for people who refer new customers. They can earn commissions from ten to 20 percent.

Premium Electronic Cigarette keeps working on newer products. “We’re kind of trying to push. We were the first company to start selling single piece disposables, for example,” according to Servutas. These disposables are a less expensive version that sell for $15 to $20 retail, and $6 wholesale.

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