Neck Art Bendy Necklace

Neck ArtWomen’s jewelry has taken a huge leap into wearable fashion with the introduction of the Neck Art Bendy Necklace from California’s Cajole, Inc. The item, made of high quality stainless steel, lives up to its name: a necklace available in seven distinct colors that can be twisted and turned into a number of unique and eye catching shapes. Brenda Barlow, founder of the family owned Cajole, is the company’s biggest booster, and with good reason. “This is an item with a built-in ‘Wow!’ factor,” she notes. “It’s more than just a necklace; it can be worn as a bracelet, a belt, a headband or whatever you’d like.”

Wholesaling for $7 for a minimum order of 48, the suggested retail runs from $20 to $25 each. Display materials, including banners, posters and even a “how-to” DVD that plays on an endless loop, are all available at cost; Cajole makes no profit on them. “We’re focused on products that are best sold by demonstration,” Barlow says. “We’ve found our greatest sales success via swap meets, kiosks, car shows and other venues where there’s high foot traffic.” Barlow points out the item also sells well in nail or hair salons, gift shops, women’s clothing stores, boutiques, or anywhere a customer has a few minutes to linger and see and feel the product. “We’ve even seen strong sales at truck stops,” Barlow says with a laugh.

Silver is the company’s currently best selling color, Neck Art is also available in black, red copper, and gold, and combinations of silver and red copper, silver and gold, and silver and black. Neck Art offers two distinct marketing packages for wholesalers, and is ready to offer any assistance to retailers buying their products.

Later this year, Cajole is coming out with another new line. But like her Neck Art line, she says that it will be test marketed to assure it performs as promised, and the company will put together a complete selling package so resellers can get off to a quick start with the products. “We make sure all our products are high quality to assure a high profit margin,” she says.

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