J. Goodin Jewelers Offers Bargains via Its ‘Steal of the Week’

Retailers looking for an extra profit margin would do well to visit the online site of J. Goodin Jewelers of Brea, CA. A 25 year-old family business, J. Goodin offers a wide line of unique and custom pieces at deep discounts. “We have two in-house jewelry designers who travel to China twice a year to see what the latest and upcoming styles are,” says Keith Cardona, sales channel manager for J. Goodin. “They also frequent shops in downtown Los Angeles on a regular basis to assure we always feature the latest looks.”

For storeowners wanting to get into an expanded jewelry line but are hesitant about doing business with someone new, it’s worth checking out J. Goodin’s “Steal of the Week.” Situated under the products section, the SOTW “features a basic jewelry collection for up to 30% off the regular price,” Cardona says. “These are not clearance pieces but actual items from the site. It’s the best promotion we have to offer,” he adds.

Another special feature at J. Goodin for first-time customers is their jewelry starter packages. They come with acrylic cases complete with lighting towers, and an assortment of rings in bronze, silver or gold. The bronze package with 23 rings wholesales for $285, with a retail value of $600. The silver package with 92 pieces is $695 with a retail total worth $2,400. And the gold package features 161 pieces for $1,060, but the retail value tops $4,200. Other packages are comparably priced. Cardona stresses that it’s important for retailers to know their market, and to order what their customers might want, not what the retailer likes. “We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the market,” Cardona says. “We expect to keep growing 10 percent a year, and expect fourth quarter sales to slingshot us into a successful 2011.”

–Rory J. Thompson

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