NPD Group Says Shoppers Will Spend, But Cautiously

New research out from the NPD Group says that holiday shoppers will be spending this year, but will approach the buying season with care.

The majority of consumers (61%) say they plan to spend about the same this year, up 2 points from last year. About one-third of survey respondents say they plan to spend less, which is the same as last year; and only nine percent say they plan to spend more, down 2 points from 2009.

“Even though the recession is technically over, lingering concerns are keeping consumers in a cautious frame of mind,” Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst, The NPD Group, said in a statement. “We are seeing what I call ‘calculated consumption,’ and I believe that it is a consumer mind-set that will be around after holiday shopping is over.”

For a more complete breakdown of the numbers, and a look at where shoppers will concentrate their spending, click HERE.