Gift Bliss Features ‘Instant Snow’ for Holiday Decorating

With the holidays coming up fast, home and business decorating will be heading into high gear, which makes Gift Bliss’ “Instant Snow To Go” a must-have item for craft, decorating, floral and other types of shops catering to do-it-yourselfers.

“About 10 years ago we heard about a fake snow being used at indoor snowboarding venues in Japan,” says Gift Bliss President Michael Penna. “But it was high-priced, industrial grade and very sticky. Then we found a better grade of polymer that makes a lighter, fluffier snow, and we had our product.” The non-toxic ‘snow” is sold in powder form. Users just add water, wait a few seconds, and the polymer absorbs the moisture and turns the product into dry, fluffy ‘snow’ perfect for decorating holiday-themed tableaus. “There’s a big market for it,” Penna says. “People use it for floral displays, and on centerpieces for their holiday table. We even have event planners who use it to accent winter-style weddings.”

Wholesale pricing for Instant Snow varies, depending on the size and quantity ordered. The minimum order is one case, which retails for $12.99 a jar, but wholesales for $6 a jar. The product is also available in a novelty Snow To Go Chinese takeout-container package, which makes two gallons. It wholesales for $5, and retails for $10.99. Gift Bliss is also expanding the line, and now sells a Christmas Tree ornament filled with the snow, billing it as a “snowball to go.” It wholesales for under $3, but retails for $5.99. “Most of our products come with their own POP display,” Penna says. “We also provide marketing material, including one display with a ‘Please Touch’ sign so customers can feel the actual product. Penna sees the product line expanding as customers find more and varied uses for the Instant Snow. “The product helps us live up to our company motto,” Penna says. “We’re the home of where ‘The Unusual Becomes the Trend.’”

–Rory J. Thompson

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