Accessories & Apparel at Low Prices

Operating out of Brooklyn and Manhattan, USA Hua Tai Group Inc. has established a 20 year old worldwide wholesale network, offering apparel, fashion accessories, and game accessories to a broad retail customer base. The company, which also operates as Q Mart Group Inc., manufactures, imports, wholesales, and distributes a wide array of products. They include belts, buckles, gloves, scarves, hats, underwear, and more. Manager, Tony Xie, sees that product range as a strength, and says there’s more on the way. “Yes, we do have a lot of new products coming in,” he says, “every month.” He mentions new scarves and upcoming sherpa hats.

Scarf sales are strong for USA Hua Tai. Wholesale prices run from $18 to $36 per dozen, with 12 dozen in a case. The suggested retail list price for scarves is in the $60 per dozen range. The company also offers an interesting range of hats, from fedora hats to baseball caps to hats that celebrate President Obama. The Obama hats run from $15 to $24 per dozen, and retail in the $50 per dozen range. Volume discounts are available. The price on hats can drop as low as $12 per dozen, for example. Obama belts and bags are also available.

Belts are the Hua Tai Group’s best selling product, generating, “about 50 percent,” of sales, according to Xie. He says that the most compelling features of his belts are price and quality. The company backs that up with a low price guarantee, and sells belts at prices ranging from $12 per dozen to $4.99 per piece. A dozen mens’ belts that wholesale at $12 has a suggested retail price of $49.99. A top grain leather belt selling individually for $4.99 has a suggested retail of $49.99.

USA Hua Tai Group is located in Manhattan, and serves as both a showroom for wholesale customers, as well as a retail location for consumers who come in off the street. However, the company is primarily a wholesaler, and its retail traffic is minimal, says Xie. Q Mart Group in Brooklyn is a warehouse, says Xie, who has been with the company for seven years. USA Hua Tai Group offers its products to a range of independent retailers, with a focus on department and gift stores, says Xie.

Customer service, especially keeping customers informed about new products, is a key priority for the company. Xie says USA Hua Tai Group uses a multi pronged approach to meet that goal. First, he says, “We reach our customers through the shows and advertisements in magazines.” QMart was an exhibitor at the ASD Show in New York, for example. In addition, the company uses email alerts when a new product is on the horizon. “Once we have new merchandise, we’ll just let them know,” Xie says. But keeping those existing customers happy means not flooding their in-boxes. “We don’t want to bother them,” says Xie.

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