Computer Scooter Makes Tower Computers Easily Moveable

A new product is offering a way for owners of tower style computers to save money and help the environment. The Computer Scooter, by KCO Products, raises a computer off the floor, letting it run cooler and cleaner. “It puts peoples’ computers into a sustainable position,” says inventor and company founder, David Kurrasch. “They are not breaking down as fast. Sustainability is a benefit. It extends the lifespan of the product.” And keeping a computer in a home or business keeps it out of a landfill, he adds.
An innovator with a track record of ingenious inventions, Kurrasch first met with success with his Monkey Hook product, a new way to hang pictures. He founded KCO, also known as Kay-Co., as a way to bring new products to market. “We decided to start our own company to develop our own products, like Computer Scooter, or other products,” he explains. “KCO was designed to do for other products what I had done for Monkey Hook.”
The Computer Scooter is an open frame for tower computers. It features low profile casters that let owners wheel their computers out for easy maintenance and cleaning. It is adjustable so it will fit any machine. The product ships in a master carton of 24 pieces, but can be broken down into four, six unit inners. “It is easy to dropship a six unit sleeve to a given store,” says Kurrasch, “So long as they can take six, they can merchandize our product. That would be the smallest we could go.” So six is a minimum, but even then, KCO is flexible. “We’re going to try to solve customer problems. We don’t want to turn down any retailer opportunity, whether it is for an independent or a major retailer.”

The suggested retail price is $29.99. The Computer Scooter costs $14.75 wholesale at the minimum of six units, with free shipping. Large quantities can net lower prices. “A case of 24 is a standard price,” says Kurrasch. “If you get into pallet quantities, then we can get the price down to about $12.75.”

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