Handbag Organizer

Handbag OrganizerYvette Calas is on a mission: “We truly believe in our product and feel that it can change a person’s life,” she says. That product, the Bag Manager, now available through Art Attack of South Florida / Kiss My Glass, gives handbag owners a way to fight tardiness and disorganization, two sources of stress and distraction that can even prove deadly. To be specific, says Calas, “26 percent of car accidents are caused by driver distraction, such as text messaging, mobile phone use, and/or in search for personal products. The distractions are considered to be worse than driving under the influence, or while intoxicated. Our mission is to greatly reduce this statistic, and help improve organization in our daily lives.”

The handbag organizer comes in six styles and a range of colors. That’s a competitive advantage, says Calas. “Without question, our company offers the largest varieties of styles, at the most competitive wholesale pricing the industry has to offer. We carry organizers starting at $3.95, with free shipping within the continental United States.” Suggested retail prices range from $7.99 to $19.99.

Making the product even more attractive to independent retailers, the company offers compelling display options. “We do have a dealer kit, which is a fully decorated bag organizer containing essentials found in a ladies’ handbag, which helps the consumer see the value of the product,” says Calas. “We also include a dealer flyer with the first order, which can be placed in an acrylic sign holder to show the consumer the advantages and features offered by the product. With a purchase of $250 or more, the kit is free, an estimated value of $66.”

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