Animated Robot Dino-Puzzle Will Intrigue, Delight Kids

Dino PuzzlesCombining the features of a 3D puzzle with an animated robot, Regal Elite says its new Robotime dinosaurs will move off store shelves as they walk into kids’ homes and hearts. “When a child puts it together, it doesn’t sit on a shelf like other raw wood puzzles,” says Jerry Franckhauser, national sales manager for Regal Elite. “It is a raw wood puzzle that when you put it together, you have a full functioning robotic dinosaur that walks, roars, and snaps.”

The innovative product won toy of the year honors from Creative Child Magazine, and combines the best features of both puzzles and robots, says Franckhauser. “It is a real wood 3D puzzle. When you snap it together, you need no glues or tools to construct these dinosaurs.” The dinosaurs are activated by light and sound, and one variety includes a remote control. The product features T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Apatosaurus versions, in a small and a larger size. The product can generate 50 to 100 percent margins. “At wholesale for the large, it’s $20, and we suggest anything from a $39.99 to $49.99 retail,” says Franckhauser. “I also have smalls that are $10 wholesale that sell anywhere from $19.99 to $24.99 at retail.”

Regal Elite is offering retailers in-store assistance in making sales. “We offer a full display with demo and looping video,” says Franckhauser. “The displayer will hold 18 pieces. If a retailer buys $950 worth of Robotime or more, they get the free displayer with a large T-Rex and seven inch video screen that loops the video. The video is like a marketing commercial.”

The company is selling to independent retailers, card and gift shops, toy stores, and educational stores. The display system is basically free. “Retailers can buy the display for $75, but I give them a two piece offset as well, so it pretty much washes the price of the displayer,” explains Franckhauser.

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