Silver Society's Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Every woman likes new jewelry, but not everyone can wear it due to allergy issues. But now wholesaler, The Silver Society, has a solution to this vexing problem: nickel free jewelry and accessories, a new product able to be worn by all. Founded by mother and son team, Tracy and Sean Gizatullin, the company was founded in 2009, conceived as a family run business. “As we began our project and ran several test markets, we found that not only was the jewelry well accepted, affordable and exciting, but there was one thing we didn’t count on: our jewelry is allergy free,” Tracy Gizatullin says. “Now we can market not only to the 80 percent of women without allergies, but also to the other 20 percent that have allergies to nickel products. This was such a pleasant and exciting concept. We had found our niche.”

The Silver Society line is both fashionable and hypoallergenic, and includes chains and stonework, as well as thick and thin leather pieces. “Most pieces in our line are handcrafted and exude a worldly, fashionable style,” Gizatullin says. “As you look through our earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and more, you’ll see the uniqueness of our lines. We strive to create jewelry that women feel beautiful in. And when you feel beautiful, it’s a good day!” Most of The Silver Society’s pieces are designed overseas, although Gizatullin is excited that the company is starting to create its own designs as well. “We’re working with a couple of talented people to come up with our own designs. For example, our new ’300′ series was all created in-house,” she says.

The company tries to stay on top of the latest trends, and it shows in the product line. “Currently, multi stranded pieces are in high demand and rising,” Gizatullin says.  “We’re also noticing that ‘chunky’ jewelry that makes a statement is enjoying popularity,” she adds. “Innovation is a key factor to pleasing your clients.” The company is also seeing a surge of interest in its leather themed pieces, and Gizatullin has big plans for the New Year as well. “We’re considering developing a men’s line of jewelry for 2011, ” she says. “There’s been some interest, and we’re looking into it now.”

A minimum wholesale order from The Silver Society is just $250, and that allows buyers to select individual pieces to complete their order. No minimum number of set pieces is required. Wholesale orders are shipped as soon as they’re completed. The full product line can be seen at The price listed with each piece is the retail price, and wholesale pricing is 50 percent of that. There’s even more savings with collections, which can include a belt with matching bracelet, earrings and adjustable ring. They sell for 10 percent off the listed price, for both wholesale and retail. Gizatullin believes jewelry is an extension of oneself, and that each person has their own uniqueness. “Keeping your clients happy makes good business sense,” she says. “The many compliments we receive confirms our desire to satisfy and to continue to bring the most special jewelry to our clients.”

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