SmokebuddyGregg Gorski was inspired to build a better mousetrap, but his product, the Smokebuddy, catches smoke, not rodents. With his contacts as a key chain maker, he was able to make his inspiration into reality. “I saw a similar product,” he says, “and I thought, ‘Hey, I can make a better one in the Taiwan factory that’s making my key chains.’” It took about a year to manufacture a version that meets Gorski’s high quality standards, but in the eight months it has been on the market, he has moved 100,000 units.

Gorski’s Smokebuddy is a personal air filter. “You exhale through the Smokebuddy, and only clean air comes out the other side,” he explains. “It’s about four inches tall and two and three-quarter inches wide. It has a triple filter inside. For most people they last about three to six months of use, and are disposable.”

The product has several features designed to make it retailer friendly. “Smokebuddy is available in three colors: black, green, and blue. It comes in a clamshell package with a hole for a pegboard, and has a built-in stand, so it stands up on its own. It also comes with a key chain and travel caps.” Gorski is targeting convenience stores, pharmacies, and smoke shops. “The retail price offers 100 percent markup from the wholesaler,” he says. “It is, basically, buy for $10 and sell for $20.”

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