WeatherFone Midwest is offering retailers a chance to whisper in shoppers’ ears when they call a free hotline for weather and time. The WeatherFone product is a phone in system that retailers use as an advertising channel, says company president, Charles Engram. “A retailer would put the system in their town, promote the number, and then promote their business,” he says. “People call in and the retailer can tell them about their local specials before they hear the time, temperature, and local forecast.” People dial in for free, hear an ad, and then hear the weather.

The system offers a possible revenue stream as well. “Retailers can use it to promote their own business, or they can involve other people to advertise on their system,” says Engram. “It also gives retailers the opportunity to involve their suppliers. They pick their premier suppliers and let them have time on the WeatherFone for promoting products that are available in their store.”

The system is programmable, customizable, and exclusive, so there is no fear of competitors setting up their own lines locally. A barebones model with basic options costs under $8,000 installed. For more options, the price does not increase too much, says Engram. “It becomes self supporting,” he adds. “A system like this lets you promote your business. You can change your ads daily or weekly. We have a system in Baton Rouge that receives over 35,000 calls a week.” To try it out, call 417-336-5000.

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