Lighter Leash Does Exactly as Promised; Keeps Your Lighter Within Easy Reach

It’s not often a product comes along where everyone slaps their forehead and says “Of course!” but Lighter Leash is one of those. The brainchild of former bartender Mark Hastings, founder of, Lighter Leash consists of a rubber cap where you insert your cigarette lighter. The cap is attached to a retractable cord that clips to your belt. Need a lighter? There it is.

“It’s pretty simple when you think of it,” says Mike Hickey, sales manager for, “but it’s the simple ideas that sell best.” The company has sold more than 16 million of the units over the past five years, and sales continue to grown as independent retailers and small Mom & Pop shops start stocking it by the cash register. “It’s an impulse item,” Hickey says. “When folks need a lighter and see this right next to it, they invariably pick it up, think for a second and then say, “I’ll take this, too.”

Lighter Leash comes in seven different models at various prices points, but all have a healthy markup. The original model wholesales for 49 cents to 69 cents (depending on quantity) and retails for $1.99. The premium version wholesales for 84 cents to 98 cents and retails for $2.99. There is no minimum order, and the leashes come in a clear plastic jug containing the Lighter leash logo  “Believe me, once you put them out there, they’ll sell,” Hickey says.

Not content to sit on their laurels, Lighter Leash has also just rolled out the “Cig Jig,” a plastic, cigarette-shaped tube where you can store an unfinished smoke for later. They wholesale for between 29 and 39 cents, and retail for 99 cents. First-time customers get free shipping on their initial order, and shipping is included on larger subsequent orders.

–Rory J. Thompson

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