Full Lineup from PostcardUSA Helps Souvenir and Tourist Spots Round Out Their Offerings

Most folks don’t think about vacation souvenirs until they’re actually ON vacation, but the people behind PostcardUSA think about them all the time, and that’s a good thing for those in the business. The company, founded back in 1983, takes full advantage of its 1.4 million-strong library of photos from vacation and tourist destinations to create a full line of wanted products.

“We service the travel industry throughout all of the U.S. and the Caribbean,” says Werner Bertsch, owner and CEO of PostcardUSA. “Whatever they need, whether it’s postcards, magnets, keychains, calendars, books or what have you, we can supply it.”

The company started out helping distributors put together books, calendars and postcards for their retail clients, but soon realized they could deal directly with the retailers themselves. “It was a natural step to start marketing our own products, seeing as how we had over a million images from various vacation and tourist spots,” Bertsch says.

With more than 250 different products, the company supplies just about anything a tourism shop could want. “Right now our biggest seller is playing cards with various ‘themes’ on them,” Bertsch says. Available in both generic versions and specialty versions with drink recipes on them, the card decks wholesale for $2 and up depending on quantity, and can retail for between $4.95 and $7.95. All are shipped in ready-to-show display boxes. PostcardUSA is also rolling out its own “Don’t Stop the Party” line of products featuring playing cards, drink recipe books, cookbooks, placemats, pennants, drink coolies, pens and more. There is no minimum order size, but larger orders can get a negotiated discount.

Retailers who want to see the company’s full wholesale lineup should go to BluewaterIslands.net, a site specifically for them. “Everything they need is there, and we also do custom-made products from our photos,” Bertsch says. “All they need do is register with us and provide a Tax ID number.”

–Rory J. Thompson

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