You’ve seen them in parking lots, or maybe you’ve even done it yourself; folks holding their car alarm key fobs in the air, pressing the alarm button repeatedly as they try to locate their missing car. Now the engineers at Auto-Finder have an updated system to help anyone instantly locate their car, even up to a half-mile away. “I used to see everyone wandering around using their car alarm remote to find their car,” says Patrick Franz, founder of parent company Finder Technologies. “I got to thinking that it was ridiculous that the technology hadn’t changed in years. There should be something out there to help you find your car.” Launched less than a year ago, that ‘something’ turned out to be the Auto-Finder.

Utilizing RDF, a Radio Direction Finding system, the Auto-Finder homes in on a tiny beacon transmitter in the car. When a user wants to locate his vehicle, he presses the locate button on the finder, which initiates transmissions to the beacon. When the beacon receives a signal from the finder, it confirms that the finder serial number is one that has been paired with it and starts transmitting information back to the finder. When the finder starts receiving this information, it stops transmitting and falls into its direction reporting mode until the activation button is released. “Other systems are GPS based,” says Franz, “but what happens if your car is in a structure, or an underground garage? The satellite signal can’t get through.” The Auto-Finder deluxe unit wholesales for $30, but retails for $69.95. It’s available in boxes of ten or forty, and the company will send one POP display unit with an order of ten, or two with an order of 40. Discounts are available for larger orders. Having sold more than 2,700 units in its first year, Franz is confident the Auto-Finder will become a must have item.

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