Batter Blaster

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but sometimes aggravation kicks in there, too. That was the case for Sean O’Connor, founder and CEO of Batter Blaster, a company that makes pancake and waffle batter that’s dispensed from a can just like whipped cream. “Actually, that’s what started the whole thing,” he says. “I was making my wife breakfast in bed one morning, and made a mess in the kitchen trying to whip up some waffles. When I topped them off with whipped cream, I thought, ‘that makes perfect sense, batter in a can. Why doesn’t this exist?’ And the idea was born.” It took O’Connor about three years to raise capital, build a factory, obtain patents and start manufacturing. Growth has been slow, but steady. “We’re not only a new brand, we’re also a new category in stores,” O’Connor says. “At first, grocers didn’t know where to position us in the store.” Now that they have, “retailers finally ‘get it,’” O’Connor says. Besides the convenience and lack of mess, Batter Blaster has a lot going for it. “It’s organic, has zero trans fats, is lactose free, certified kosher, low sodium and has no saturated fats either,” O’Connor notes. Once customers discover it, it becomes a ‘must have’ item on their lists.

Batter Blaster wholesales for $35 a case for a minimum of one pallet, with 95 cases per pallet. Prices are slightly higher for shipments to the Midwest and East Coast, each requiring a two case minimum. The product retails for $3.99 to $4.99 per can. “The product works, and it pays off for busy families pressed for time in the mornings,” O’Connor says. “For retailers it adds to the category. Folks buy Batter Blaster along with butter, syrup, orange juice and what have you,” he adds. “Now we just have to train customers to look for it.”

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