Decorative, Unique, Comfortable Eyewear is Here for Women

Anyone who wears sunglasses has had the same complaint at one time or another, in that they’re too loose, too tight or simply hurt wrapped around your ears. That’s what led founder and CEO, Ana Jain, to start up New American Eyewear, a company that’s putting a whole new spin on decorative and comfortable eyewear. “Regular sunglasses used to just bother me around the ears,” she says. “I’d get headaches from them.” So Jain looked at her glasses and realized if she made the stems that went over her ears adjustable and more fashionable, she’d probably be happier. After tinkering for a while, she perfected and patented her new idea.

New American Eyewear comes in three distinct parts, frames, chains and charms, so buyers can mix and match the pieces to suit their moods or match their clothes. “It’s a whole new way of accessorizing,” Jain says. “You can select a look that’s glamorous and glitzy, or just fun and beachy,” she adds. The chains attach at one end to the frames, and then a charm is added at the other end to complete the look. There’s nothing else like it on the market today, which is why Jain patented it. “We’re mostly in brick and mortar stores, the gift shops, boutiques, hotel and resort gift outlets, and even hospital gift shops,” she says. “We’re also in talks with several large cruise ship lines.”

For wholesalers, New American Eyewear has two starter packages. The first is priced at $160, and includes eight ready to wear sets of frames, chains and charms, along with hardshell cases, a countertop display and information cards. The sunglasses retail anywhere from $30 to $40 a pair. The second starter kit comes with a bigger assortment of 16 pair, along with a larger display case and extra charms. It wholesales for $299, meaning an even bigger return on your investment. Discounts are available for orders of five dozen or more.

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