Edge Ups

Who’d like to be taller, instantly? Most everyone, that’s who, and that’s what drove Asanka Wick to design and create Edge Ups, a revolutionary new way for men to discreetly gain more height. Edge Ups are neoprene footwear insoles that alleviate pressure on joints while at the same time increasing the wearer’s height. By wearing them, users can also increase self confidence, boost self esteem, and have a more positive outlook on life by safely increasing their natural height by up to two inches. Retailing for $14.99, Edge Ups wholesale for only $6.50 to $7.50 a pair depending on the quantity ordered, and are a surefire seller at shoe stores, menswear outlets, athletic stores or wherever men might be shopping and seeking an added boost. “People use them anywhere,” Wick says. “Business meetings, at clubs, on a date or at a party, wherever they want to feel taller and more confident,” he adds.

Measuring 5’8″ himself, Wick is a walking advertisement for his product, touting the extra height he gets along with the comfort from the padded insoles. He likens Edge Ups to those expensive training shoes that purport to strengthen leg muscles while walking. “Using Edge Ups gives users the same kind of exercise for their legs, but at a much lower price,” he says. “Plus, users can put them in any type of formal dress shoes, sneakers or boots,” he adds. Launched just 18 months ago, Wick has already sold 15,000 pair of Edge Ups and expects sales to take off as word of mouth spreads. Up next, his company is designing and testing a women’s version of the line, and believes it will sell equally as well. The price point has not yet been firmed up, but he hopes to launch it in 2011.

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