Fan-A-Peel Offers Colorful Stickers for Fans To Show True Colors

Pro and college sports fans love to decorate their bodies with the colors of their favorite teams. But when the game’s over, the hassle of removing all that paint or ink sometimes isn’t worth it. That’s the whole idea behind Fan-A-Peel from Innovative Adhesives, a line of logo tattoos printed on medical grade tape that adheres to the skin for the duration, yet easily peels off when you’re done with it. “This all started with a camouflage line of products,” says Gary Ban, president and CEO of Innovative Adhesives. “The company founder was a big hunting fan, but he hated having to remove all that oil and paint from his face when he was done. So he looked for a way to do it with tape instead of ink.” Joining forces with the 3M company and using medical tape, Innovative Adhesives made a camouflage line of stickers and then moved into collegiate sports.

“We now have more than 100 Division One schools on our roster,” Ban says. “We’re also affiliated with a licensee partner for the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball.” The team logos are being enthusiastically received by both kid and adult sports fans. “The kids especially like them because they can also double as stickers on their school books, backpacks, hats, cell phones laptops and other items,” Ban says. Typical packages of stickers wholesale from $1.25 to $4, and can retail anywhere from $2.99 to $7.99. Volume discounts are available, and the units come with a countertop POP display, or a wire rack with orders of four cases or more. “They’re an impulse item,” Ban says, “and are great for increasing average checkout and generating repeat traffic.” Any size or shape is available from Innovative, and custom artwork can be created as well.

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