Heads Up Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are fun, unless you’ve got some sort of an issue with keeping your head down. Then what do you do? That was the dilemma facing Paul Johnson, president of Heads Up Puzzles, when he took his mother to a doctor’s appointment, and she saw some puzzles on the table in the waiting room. “Mom couldn’t bend over easily and mentioned that she couldn’t use the puzzles,” Johnson says. “I thought, ‘Wouldn’t be great if we made them upright, so folks with sore necks could enjoy theses puzzles either at a table or while in bed?,’ So the idea of keeping your ‘head up’ was conceived, and Heads Up Puzzles was created,” he adds. The end result was a unique and ergonomic friendly jigsaw puzzle with a magnetic backing and magnetic upright portable frame.

The puzzle images are hand selected and prepared with a vibrant glossy finish, in both Heads Ups’ stock images or a customers own custom photo. The puzzle is designed to be used with a Heads Up Puzzle Stand, but can be used on any magnetic surface or on a flat table like traditional puzzles. The benefit of using the stand is that it puts less strain on the neck and shoulders, it’s easy to store, it displays the puzzle beautifully and can be enjoyed long after completion.

The puzzles come in three different sizes and are competitively priced. The 12×18 size wholesales for $17.50 and retails for $34.95, the 8×10 wholesales for $7.50 and retails for $14.95, and the 5×7 wholesales for $3.75 and retails for $9.95. For retailers looking for a fast start-up, Heads Up offers two types of natural Birchwood stands, a floor model and one for the countertop. The floor model is $250 and comes with 33 5×7 puzzles, and the countertop unit is $75 and comes with eight 5×7 puzzles. Both feature a demo area so customers can see how the puzzles work on the magnetic surface.

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