Indoor Solar Chimes

Everyone knows what a wind chime is and how it works, but what if you wanted one inside your home? The answer can be found at Sunblossom Solar Gifts, a producer of unique and patented giftware utilizing light for it to function. “My business partner and CEO, John Turi, got the idea while on a long drive to an East Coast pottery show a few years back,” says Bonnie Greenwald, president of Sunblossom. “He wanted a wind chime that could be on display inside a home, but still produce the same magical sounds.” So Turi sat down with his brother, an electrical engineer, and the two designed the circuitry that involves a solar panel about two inches by one half inch, a circuit board, and a micro motor that turns and strikes the chimes.

The company seems to have a struck a chord with customers, having sold 15,000 units in its best year. “We have more than 1,000 accounts nationally, and are featured in seven catalogs,” Greenwald says. Sunblossom has also taken its technology to the next level, utilizing sun power in several new items that are being well received. The company’s “Butterfly Jar” is a glass ginger jar with a spiral of delicate butterflies hanging from the middle. When the light hits the jar, the butterflies rotate around. Sold at wholesale for $29 each and shipped in packs of four, each jar retails for $62. Sunblossom has also just come out with a terracotta arch shaped chime featuring copper colored chimes and color coordinated natural stones as a striker. The arches wholesale for $22, are also shipped in four packs, and retail for $48 each. “We ship the next day on most orders, and never take more than three days for others,” Greenwald says. POP signs come with every order, and clients rave about Sunblossom’s customer service and one year warranty policy.

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