Kitchen Scale with iPod Dock

When you think of kitchen gadgets, most items that come to mind include maybe an electric can opener, a knife sharpener or a coffee pot. But the engineers at Frieling USA have taken that concept several steps into the future with their new kitchen scale with an iPod dock built-in. “We partnered with a company called ADE Waagen-Schmitt Germany, who have been producing scales for industrial applications, healthcare, trade and the food service for years,” says Yung Uon-Lee, international marketing manager at Frieling. “Our goal was to develop a kitchen scale that is more than just another kitchen scale in a different shape or color. A scale is needed in every kitchen, but we all know it’s not the most spectacular or looked at accessory there,” she adds.

So the designers decided that music had to be the common denominator, and thinking further realized that an iPod or iPhone comes to mind first. “Hence, they decided a licensed iPod/iPhone docking station built into a kitchen scale had to be produced. The result is the JOY scale; the perfect gift for every kitchen,” says Yung. The high-end scale with music does make sense, as it’s a practical scale for everyday use, plus it has the added benefit of music. “Our testers have raved about the sound quality,” Yung says. “And as it’s licensed from Apple, we hope to attract all those Apple fans out there as well.” The JOY scale, set to roll out in January, will wholesale for $65 and retail for $129. “We see a big market for this,” Yung said. “The JOY is attractive to anyone who is looking for a reliable kitchen scale, more product for the dollar spent, or a great gift for any occasion. We think we have a winner here.”

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