Luma Lites Ideal for Working in Tight Situations

If you’ve ever been working in a tight spot and thought, “I could really use a light right here,” you should know about Luma Lites. “The Luma Lite is a hands-free, LED light that attaches just about anywhere, either by its magnet on the back or through Velcro strips that come with it,” says Pam Slaughter, founder of, parent company of Luma Lites. She started her company producing hitch covers and custom decals for auto dealerships, a line that eventually evolved into more than 400 SKUs. A conversation with some auto mechanics led her to look into a light they could use when doing repairs, and the Luma Lite was born. “It only measures about 2.5 inches in diameter,” she says, “yet it rotates 360 degrees and tilts up to a 45 degree angle on top.” Slaughter says the light, available in black, gray, camo green and camo gray, can be used in a variety of places, including car engines, under sinks, on boats, in tents or RVs, attics, basements, garages or anywhere a bright, portable light is needed.

The Luma Lite wholesales for $3.25, but retails for $6 and up. It comes in a choice of two display packages, one that holds six upfront and 18 in the back for restocking, and another that displays 12 upfront and holds another 12 underneath. A header card for a hanging POP is also available. Minimum order is 12, and discounts are available for larger quantities. “It’s been received phenomenally well,” Slaughter says. “Being smaller than a cell phone, it makes a great stocking stuffer, and we’ve even heard of some folks putting them on their wheelchairs.” The product has been such a hit with wholesalers and the public alike that Slaughter is expanding the line, coming out with a glove light, a wrist light and even a cuff light, and a number of retailers are planning major purchases of the Luma Lite for 2011. “Things are looking bright,” Slaughter says with a laugh.

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