Lure Lanyards

For active sports enthusiasts who take off and put on their sunglasses constantly, a functional lanyard is hard to find. That’s what led Eric Rayborn, owner and president of Lure Lanyards, to invent this hot new item. “Eric is a fisherman and couldn’t find a decent lanyard he liked,” says his sister, company VP of finance and sales, April Walker. “So he reached into his tackle box one day and just made his own out of what he had. Right after that, everywhere he went, folks would stop and ask him where he got it, or where they could get one.” After getting such enthusiastic feedback, Rayborn and his sister decided to start producing Lure Lanyards, officially launching the company Alureing LLC this past September.

“We now offer eight different styles of lanyards,” Walker says. “The most popular one is ‘The Outsider,’ featuring the yellow, blue and green colors of a popper lure,” she adds. Lure Lanyards can be found in hunting and fishing stores, outdoor outfitters and beach stores, and online at They wholesale for $6 each, and can fetch between $12 and $15 at retail. “It was important to us that these be made right here in the U.S.A.,” Walker says, “and they are. Lure Lanyards are custom made and hand painted, latex and odor free, and have positive buoyancy, so if the glasses should fall into the water, the lanyard will keep them afloat.” The minimum order size is one case of 48 units for $288, which can bring a return of $576 to $720. Reorders require a $100 minimum. Up next, Lure Lanyards intends to roll out some new designs and styles every season. Currently available in five states, the company expects to grow rapidly as word spreads of this unique product. “I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere,” Walker says.

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