Mystical Moments Spreads Success Through Great Customer Service

For 16 years, fragrance oil and incense manufacturer, Mystical Moments, has been steadily building a base of loyal, satisfied buyers through a conscientious effort of delivering both great customer service and quality products. “We started out by making our own incense, and everyone who tried it loved it,” says company owner, Gail Suggs. “We decided to grow by manufacturing our own product here in the U.S.” Today, Mystical Moments covers a gamut of retailers, from mall shops, mom and pop stores, tattoo parlors, new age shops and even flea market vendors. “When the economy drops, people move from the malls into flea markets, swap meets, festivals, and fairs,” Suggs says. “When the economy is good, then they go find freestanding stores and places like that. My people who had stores could not make it in some of these little strip malls. People have moved into the flea markets and they are doing extremely well.”

One reason Suggs’ customers are doing well might be because of the personal service she provides. No registration is required at her website to order, but she does enjoy speaking with potential customers first. “I like to find out what sort of business they have, and then design the order with the products they might need,” she says. Mystical Moments also doesn’t require a minimum amount for an order, as Suggs realizes people are cutting back a little in this economy, and she’s sensitive to that. Asked about her current best sellers, she notes that fragrance oils are enjoying a good run, as she’s been selling more to soap and candle makers. With the demand for fragrances in everything booming, she’s not surprised. “All of our products are body safe,” she says. “Most of it has a lot of essential oil in it, and we’re a ‘Green’ company as well, so that’s attractive to manufacturers.”

Mystical Moments currently has 1,800 to 2,000 different fragrances, and has a number of various startup packages for new clients who’d like to sample their line. For example, the company’s anniversary special includes two incense display racks which hold 12 packages each, plus 24 packs of 100 count incense sticks, a dozen plain and a dozen brass inlay ash catchers, and one package of 100 Ziploc bags, all for only $137. “We manufacture incense and fragrance oil, and I do have a lot of spiritual items also,” Suggs says. “I sell to a wide variety of people, everything from metaphysical shops to new age shops to head shops, all the way across the board,” she adds. The company makes some of its products right here in the states, as well as importing its sticks and cones from both India and China.

Mystical Moments also offers a high margin on its products, something that’s attractive to all customers. For example, right now the company is offering a special on Flute incense from India. The wholesale master pack comes with nine different scents in each box. There are 25 boxes total that wholesale for $6, but retailers can turn around and sell them for $1 each, or a $19 profit on the package. There are other special offerings as well, and Suggs advises customers to call in. “We do have special deals going on, and there’s always a discount available,” she says. “Our older customers know they always get good pricing from us. It’s why they keep coming back.” Mystical Moments sells in the U.S. and exports to the Caribbean, as well as all over Europe, usually shipping orders in 48 hours or less.

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