New Popcorn Styles

Many women know that shopping for clothes can be a nightmare sometimes, which is what led Hella Denicola to open the Just Simply Unique clothing store and online site. “I was shopping a few years ago, saw my first popcorn shirts and really liked them, so I bought one and got a lot of compliments from family and friends,” she says. “I liked it so much I thought, ‘Why not sell them?,’ so that’s what I did.” Denicola started out selling the shirts at a flea market, and then went on to open a retail outlet and website, and is now working on her second store. “I sell to everyone,” she says, “including high-end boutiques, specialty stores and flea market vendors.” She also notes that she’s getting tremendous traffic at her website,, where she features hundreds of items.

Denicola says her most popular items right now are those in the minipleat and micropleat styles. “The fabric is very forgiving due to its stretchability,” she says, “and is very flattering to all body types.” Wholesale prices for the micropleats start at $12 for tops, $14.50 for skirts and $28 for jackets. Denicola says the retail prices for the tops vary from $20 all the way up to $49, depending on the retailers’ location and market traffic, and the skirts and jackets are selling for similar margins. Denicola says her minimum order is just one dozen, as she caters to smaller businesses and knows that everyone is watching their bottom line these days. Coming up, she plans to offer special pricing on minipleat sets, consisting of matching tops, skirts, jackets and vests. “They’re all color coordinated so there are many ways to mix and match the pieces,” Denicola says.” You can have a whole wardrobe of minipleat and crush fashion.”

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