There are many products on the market today to help people deal with odors in their homes, cars or places of business, but very few that can actually remove the odor itself, rather than just cover it up. That’s the advantage of Odor-Z-Way, a unique product that actually absorbs and neutralizes smells. “The product was initially invented back in the 1960s for water purification purposes,” says Jeremiah James, vice president of Odor-Z-Way. “It’s based on a crystal that is actually grown outside.” The basis of how Odor-Z-Way actually works is a complicated one, but what’s really important is how well it works. “The tiny crystals in our product actually absorb and hold the offending odor,” James explains. “Say, for example, you have dogs and they’ve stunk up your car. You’d sprinkle Odor-Z-Way on the seats and carpets, close the doors and windows overnight, and then vacuum it all out in the morning. The vacuumed-up crystals take the odor with them,” he says.

Odor-Z-Way comes in four different applications, for pet, home, auto and sport uses. It wholesales for as low as $4.50 a can for a pallet of 1,152 units, but retails for $7.99 to $12.99 each. A minimum order is one case of 12 that wholesales for $66, or $5.50 per can. Because the product is so popular and works so well, Odor-Z-Way has also begun selling bulk sizes, including a four pound gripper can that wholesales for $20.50 and retails for about double that, a two gallon bucket wholesaling for $48 and retailing for $69, and a five gallon bucket that wholesales for $109.50 and retails for $129. “Odor-Z-Way is a manmade, FDA approved, multipurpose product,” James says. “It doesn’t stain or discolor fabrics, and can be used just about anywhere, for anything.”

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