Pauly’s Paper Airplanes are a Fast-Selling, Nostalgic Item

The uncertain economy and shaky employment outlook has made many people nostalgic for simpler times, which makes this a perfect time for Pauly’s Paper Airplanes. A low cost, high profit product, it’s the brainchild of Jarred Shiffman, who was looking for a simple, inexpensive toy for birthday party goodie bags. “Everywhere I looked, the products were too expensive,” he says. “I have a number of friends who are single parents and on a tight budget, and they couldn’t afford most of the products I saw.” Shiffman also notes the current retro trend sweeping the country, where folks are looking back longingly at what they perceive to be a less complicated time of life. “There just weren’t any simple toys out there where parents and kids could do something together and have fun outside,” he says.

So Shiffman did his research, buying more than 30 books on paper airplane building, but found most of them way too complicated for most people. “I couldn’t make most of them,” he says. “I just wanted a simple design so parents didn’t look foolish trying to build these with their kids.” The result is Pauly’s Paper Airplanes, named after his dad and business partner, Paul Shiffman. The kit comes with folding paper and simple instructions for making six different types of paper airplanes, from the classic “Dart” to the unique “Zoom-a-Room,” ideal as a gift item for the younger set. “It’s been very well received,” Shiffman notes. “The nostalgia factor is a big part of that,” he adds. The kits wholesale for only $1.40 each with discounts offered for quantity orders, and retail for $3.99 each. A Master Case holds 24 units, comes with a standing display inner box, and the packages are pre-punched so they can be hung on a rack as well. “I know we’ve struck a good chord here with Pauly’s Paper Airplanes,” Shiffman says. “Down the road we plan to expand on the Pauly line. We have what people are looking for.”

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