Radiation Protection Chips

Very few people give much thought to holding a cell phone next to their ear, but John Allan at ihealthproducts.com thinks they should. His company has developed a full line of radiation protection chips that protect the body from EMF or electro magnetic frequencies, especially the kind generated by cell phones. “EMF is a silent distresser and danger on us all,” Allan says. “There are more studies coming out every day on how cell phones, computers, and microwaves are harming us and our families.”

The iShield contains NVT or nano vibrational technology, a revolutionary science developed in conjunction with engineers from Georgia Tech. “The product lowers the heat coming from the phone to the user when on longer calls,” Allan says. “Users report that their phone doesn’t get as warm on lengthy conversations.” Allan also notes that an FDA study shows the NVT technology in the iShield helps strengthen the energy field of the user from the negative effects of EMF that are in all man-made appliances like cell phones, computers, microwaves, etc. Best of all, the technology is available in stylish bracelets, devices and pendants, all available at wholesale prices. The cell phone chip wholesales for $18 or less (depending on quantity), but retails for $29.95 and up. Minimum order is six, but that comes with a countertop display case. The multipurpose chip wholesales for $24, again with a discount for quantities, and retails for $39.95. Allan’s ihealthproducts is also coming out with a line to help lower stress in animals. “It’s a different form of the technology,” he says. “It’s tweaked for pets, developed after lots of studies.” One of the many benefits of the chips is a reduction of inflammation in the hips of animals. The product will roll out in 2011, at a price to be determined.

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