'Scarface' Name Uses Its Drawing Power To Boost New Fragrance

For a 27 year old film, “Scarface,” starring Al Pacino, has had magnificent staying power, drawing new fans to it every year. That may be one reason why 3B International LLC has decided to market a complete line of Scarface branded fragrances for both men and women. “It’s a scent that reflects the persona from the film,” says Rachel Taylor, marketing director for Scarface Fragrance. “We’ve developed a very leather oriented packaging look and feel based on the name and character of Tony Montana.” Indeed, the product comes in handsome gift boxes bearing the black and white profile of its namesake, along with some extra gift items for buyers including a branded key chain, pocket spray or designer scarf.

The Scarface line retails for $60 for singles and $80 for the gift packs. According to Taylor, “wholesale pricing is 70 percent off that,” or $18 for the singles and $24 for the gift packs. Because of the tie-in with the famous film, 3B is seeing some strong numbers from its initial marketing push. “Sales have been very nice,” Taylor says, adding that they have shipped thousands of units so far, and expect strong sales to continue. “When you look at it, it catches your attention,” she says. “There’s less ‘back story’ needed to sell the product.” Dawn Trading has been appointed as U.S. distributor of the product line, and is offering free shipping on the first order of $500 or more. The company is also providing free promotional items such as posters, key chains and money clips of Scarface to draw in customers.

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