Scented Aroma Beads

The scented products and fragrance market is exploding, and one company reaping the rewards is Scentimental Gifts Etc., of Glen Saint Mary, FL. Company founder Kendra Morgan knew she had a winning formula after she created some scented aroma beads, and then put them away for a year. “I pulled the package out of storage, opened it up, and the aroma was as strong as the day I’d left them. I knew I had a winner.” Morgan then started selling the beads on eBay, and the response was very strong. “They were selling really well, so I taught myself HTML so I could launch a successful website, and at the same time started to buy scented oils in bulk,” she says.

It was just a short leap from there to her online presence today at, where she now offers scores of aroma based and scented products. Yet it’s Morgan’s original offering, the aroma beads, that remains her best seller. “It’s really the price and quality that draws buyers in,” she says confidently. “The beads wholesale for $8.50 a pound, but retailers sell them by the one ounce scoop, for between $3 and $5 a scoop in a little sachet bag. With 16 ounces in a pound, you can see there’s a good markup,” she adds. Morgan also sells the empty bags themselves, at only $5 for 30 of them.
Scentimental Gifts offers varying discount coupons every month, and has starter packs for new clients. The starter kit for fragrance oil and body oil displays comes with a wooden rack that can be used as is, or painted to match a retailer’s décor. “We’ve got the variety retailers are looking for,” Morgan says. “We carry more than 500 fragrances and can blend any of them for a unique scent. We really are a full service company.”

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