The TV Hat Offers Private Viewing of Your iPod Video

The iPod is a great invention, but its small screen and difficulty of viewing in bright light limits its usefulness. That’s what led George Korper of SKM Industries to invent, “The TV Hat,” a wearable unit that combines a pocket for your iPod, a magnifying screen, and side shades to block out ambient light. Laugh all you want, the unit is a huge hit and sales are taking off. “We just shipped 2,500 units to Russia,” Korper says. “When you use one it makes perfect sense.” The idea behind The TV Hat came to Korper when he got an iPod four years ago, but had trouble seeing videos on its small screen. He also got tired of holding the unit while looking at longer videos. “I thought how nice it would be to have a hat that held the unit from its bill. Then I realized a magnifying screen would also be a plus,” Korper says. So while in China on business, he met someone who thought they could make a working model. “After about a hundred iterations, we finally got it down,” he says with a laugh.

The TV Hat has been an instant hit at trade and gift shows. “We’ve sold thousands so far,” Korper says. The device wholesales for $14 and retails for $30, and discounts for large quantity orders are available. “You just have to see one in use to realize how well it works,” Korper says. “It makes perfect sense on an airplane when you want to watch a video without being disturbed. It’s like being in your own little sound room.” Korper says he’s had more than 250,000 unique views at his website,, with interest growing daily. He even uses his own unit at home, when he wants to watch sports in bed at night without disturbing his wife. “It’s perfect for home, on a plane, or even at the beach. There’s no place it doesn’t work well,” he adds.

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