Tornado Maker

They say that whatever is old will someday be new again, and that’s certainly the case at oddly named POOF-Slinky, a toy wholesaler combining the best of today’s toys with favorites of decades ago. “The name actually goes back to one of our first products in 1991, when we manufactured foam ‘Poof’ balls,” says company executive VP and COO, Doug Ferner. “Now, through a series of acquisitions including the classic Slinky Toy and the Ideal Game company, we’ve grown to more than 400 items,” he adds. While the wiry Slinky and the soft Poof Balls are still the company’s perennial best sellers, they’ve added some new favorites in the company’s science line, including the Tornado Maker and Lightning Lab.

“The Tornado Maker can simulate anything from an F1 to an F5 tornado, all inside an attached glass cone,” Ferner says. “The unit comes complete with a 35 page manual explaining all the principles behind the storm,” he says, adding that one industry publication liked it so much they rated it their ‘Toy of the Year.’ The Tornado Maker wholesales for $12.50 and retails for more than twice that, up to $30. Also in POOF-Slinky’s science lineup is the Lightning Lab, another innovative teaching toy that explains what lightning is and how it works, and even features a 30 minute lightning with sound show. Like the Tornado maker, it also wholesales for $12.50 and can fetch as much as $30 at retail.

Taking advantage of the current nostalgia wave sweeping the country, POOF-Slinky is coming out with a number of revitalized games under its Ideal brand, including hockey game ‘Shootout’ and basketball game ‘SuperSlam.’ “We’re also about to roll out ‘Stikits,’ which are cornstarch based noodle type pieces that stick to each other when you wet them,” Ferner says. “It’s a simple construction toy that’s also biodegradable, and comes in various sizes from 120 to 1,000 piece sets.”

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