Transformation Tees

Anyone can produce a T-shirt with a clever message, but what if that message was inspirational, printed backwards, and could only be read when the wearers looked at themselves in a mirror? In a nutshell, that’s the idea behind Transformation Tees. “On a Saturday afternoon about eight years ago, the idea of creating this company literally jumped into my head,” says Ellen Banks, founder of Transformation Tees. “I was just getting into yoga and exploring other avenues to find positive inspiration as a way to deal with the incredible demands of my 25+ years in the corporate sales world. I personally knew how difficult it was to stay focused on yourself in a positive, strong way while spending 80 percent of your time in a very demanding career,” she says. So Banks decided to create a uniquely powerful T-shirt line that would instantly change someone’s mindset every time they faced themselves in the mirror. She quit her corporate job and took a chance on her idea, starting with her first design which read, “I will make this leap with faith,” which neatly summed up her own move out of her comfort zone.

“My customers are those consumers who are part of the major movement to improve awareness of mind/body/spirit, growing around the world,” Banks says. Transformation TotesStatistically speaking, there are more than 18 million people who practice yoga in the U.S. alone, and more than 15 million people who read books about visualization like, “The Secret,” and, “The Power of Now,” as featured on Oprah. “They represent the bulk of our customer base,” Banks says. “We are now selling in seven countries and have received hundreds of emails from our customers telling us how Transformation Tees has helped them.”

Transformation Tees currently offer five designs in five colors and four different sizes. Each tee is made of 100 percent Pima cotton with original art work. The tees retail $40, which includes a custom keepsake gift box. The wholesale price is $15 per tee, with a minimum order of $100. Banks says she hears from her customers on a regular basis. “Here is a typical quote I receive,” she says, ‘These are the best T-shirts I have ever owned. They are the most comfortable, and the best part is every time I look into the mirror, I am reminded I am a warrior!’

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