Wild Berry Incense

Scented products and incense always enjoy a strong following, but the folks at Wild Berry Incense seem to have an edge over the competition, based on sales reports from the field. “We’ve gotten a good turnover and repeat business for our product, because it smells like what we say it smells like,” says Wild Berry owner, Syd Ferrario. “We carry 98 different stick fragrances, and all of them are true to their names,” he adds. The company has just introduced, “Biggie Sticks,” 19″ sticks that burn for over three hours each. Starter kits for the incense are $289 wholesale, and include one bundle of each of 12 fragrances, for 600 sticks total, an Oak display stand with jars, and 200 Ziploc bags. The sticks retail for $1.25 each.

“We’re also now offering six different candle fragrances in our lineup,” Ferrario says, “and again they smell just like their names. Those scents include baking brownie, fizzy pop, pounding surf, simmering cider, strawberry, and vanilla. The company sells them in three different sizes, with a healthy markup on each. “The four ounce tin wholesales for $4 but retails for $9, and offers a 20 to 30 hour burn time,” Ferrario says. “The seven ounce veriglass size wholesales for $5.50 and retails for $12, burning from 20 to 40 hours, and the 14 ounce Queen Bee Glass Jar size wholesales for $11.50 each, and retails at $24. It burns a whopping 56 to 76 hours,” Ferrario adds. All are paraffin free, made from a beeswax and soy mixture, and the minimum order is only $48.

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